The SongMeanings Partnership

The Echo Nest has partnered with SongMeanings to provide easy access to information on millions of songs. Echo Nest developers will now be able to integrate easily with the SongMeanings API and gain access to the wide range of crowd sourced information about songs.

Available Assets

SongMeanings has broad and deep song information including:

  • Over 110K artists
  • Over 1M Lyrics
  • 275K Albums
  • 1.8 Million tracks
  • 4K Mixtapes

To get access to to the SongMeanings API contact

Getting Started

You can retrieve the SongMeanings song IDs By using the id:songmeanings bucket when making calls that return artist or song info. For example you can get the SongMeanings ID the song 'Creep' by Radiohead with a call:

The response includes a foreign_ids block for each song that includes the SongMeanings IDs like so:

            "catalog": "songmeanings,
            "foreign_id": "songmeanings:song:471679"

Note that the foreign_id is of the form catalog:entity:id; in this case, 'songmeanings' is the catalog; 'song' is the entity, and '471679' is the song ID in the SongMeanings catalog.

You can use a SongMeanings ID in any call that accepts an artist or song ID. As an example, Radiohead has an SongMeanings ID of 200. To find biographies for Radiohead using our API and the SongMeanings ID, you would issue a query like this: