The Songkick Partnership

The Echo Nest has linked our artist IDs to Songkick, making it easy for Echo Nest developers to work with the Songkick API and vice versa.

Songkick helps you be the first to know about concerts. They take the hassle out of finding out when your favorite bands are coming to your city: gone are the days of subscribing to a million different venue mailing lists, checking different band websites, and sifting through generic concert newsletters. Songkick works by indexing many different ticket vendors, venue websites, and local newspapers to create the most comprehensive database of upcoming concerts happening around the world. It is their mission to have every show happening anywhere, from your friend’s show at your local bar, right up to Lady Gaga tour dates in Tokyo. The Songkick API gives you easy access to the biggest live music database in the world: over 1 million upcoming and past concerts and over 100,000 setlists… and growing every day! Easily add concerts to your website or application.

Available Assets

We have mapped nearly five hundred thousand Songkick artist IDs to Echo Nest artist IDs via our Project Rosetta Stone mapping layer.

See the Songkick Developer Portal for information on the Songkick API.

Rights & Responsibilities

See the API Terms of Use Agreement for information about how you can use the Songkick API.

Getting Started

You can use a Songkick artist ID with any Echo Nest call that accepts an Artist ID. For example you can get biographies for Skrillex (Songkick artist id 3084961) with the call:

To return Songkick Artist IDs in Echo Nest artist calls, use the Songkick ID space. For example, to get similar artists to Weezer, restricted to the Songkick catalog, and to have Songkick IDs included in the results make a call like so:

The Songkick IDs will be included in the foreign_ids block in the results like so:

           "artist": {
                "id": "AR633SY1187B9AC3B9",
                "name": "Weezer"
                "foreign_ids": [
                        "catalog": "songkick",
                        "foreign_id": "songkick:artist:544909"


Note that the foreign_id is of the form catalog:entity:id; in this case, 'songkick' is the catalog; 'artist' is the entity, and '544909' is the artist ID in the Songkick catalog.

The Songkick artist IDs can be used with the Songkick API to get information about events associated with that artist. For example, the following call will retrieve calendar information for Weezer