The Seatwave Partnership

The Echo Nest has linked our artist IDs to Seatwave, making it easy for Echo Nest developers to work with the Seatwave API and vice versa.

Seatwave is a leading global ticket marketplace, offering tickets for concerts, theatre, sports and other live events. Sellers list tickets for free, only giving Seatwave a portion of the sale price when their tickets are sold. Buyers pay for tickets through the Seatwave site, and are guaranteed secure payment and timely arrival of tickets via Seatwave’s 100% ticket guarantee program. The integration of the Seatwave APIs into Echo Nest’s Rosetta Stone platform is great for developers who can now enhance their apps with event discovery and ticket-buying functionality. Developers can also earn a share of the revenue generated with each ticket sold.

Available Assets

We have mapped approximately twenty thousand Seatwave artist IDs to Echo Nest artist IDs via our Project Rosetta Stone mapping layer.

See the Seatwave Developer Portal for information on the Seatwave API.

Rights & Responsibilities

See the Seatwave Developer Terms and Conditions for information about how you can use the Seatwave API.

Getting Started

You can use a Seatwave artist ID with any Echo Nest call that accepts an Artist ID. For example you can get biographies for the The Smashing Pumpkins (Seatwave artist id 1025) with the call:

To return Seatwave Artist IDs in Echo Nest artist calls, use the seatwave ID space. For example, to get similar artists to Weezer, restricted to the Seatwave catalog, and to have Seatwave IDs included in the results make a call like so:

The Seatwave IDs will be included in the foreign_ids block in the results like so:
                    "name": "The Smashing Pumpkins",
                    "foreign_ids": [
                            "catalog": "seatwave",
                            "foreign_id": "seatwave:artist:1025"
                    "id": "ARN5NHX1187FB4F755"

Note that the foreign_id is of the form catalog:entity:id; in this case, 'seatwave' is the catalog; 'artist' is the entity, and '1025' is the artist ID in the Seatwave catalog.

The Seatwave artist IDs can be used with the Seatwave API to get information about events associated with that artist. For example, the following call will retrieve event information for the Smashing Pumpkins: