The LyricFind Partnership

The Echo Nest has partnered with LyricFind to provide easy access to millions of lyrics. Echo Nest developers will now be able to integrate easily with the LyricFind web service and gain access to close to 2 million available lyrics.

Available Assets

There are many assets available through the LyricFind service, including:

  • Close to 2 million available tracks from over 2,600 music publishers.
  • Over 20,000 tracks with Synchronized (LRC) data.
  • 150 character snippets for each track
  • Search for lyrics by artist, song name, album, lyric phrases
  • All available through easy to use APIs

Full documentation on the LyricFind API is available in LyricFind Web Service Version 2.0 (PDF)

Rights & Responsibilities

All of the LyricFind Web Service is free to use for development purposes under the current LyricFind Evaluation License. Through the API, you can search for lyrics, display synchronized lyrics, display charts, access snippets, and retrieve listings. For commercial use of the LyricFind Web Service contact LyricFind directly at

Getting Started

You can use retrieve the LyricFind song IDs By using the id:lyricfind-US bucket when making calls that return song info. For example you can get the LyricFind ID the song 'Creep' by Radiohead with a call:

The response includes a foreign_ids block for each song that includes the LyricFind IDs like so:

            "catalog": "lyricfind-US",
            "foreign_id": "lyricfind-US:song:3d294a4831babc7d57169ecda7117a16"

Note that the foreign_id is of the form catalog:entity:id; in this case, 'lyricfind-US' is the catalog; 'song' is the entity, and '3d294a4831babc7d57169ecda7117a16' is the song ID in the LyricFind catalog.

A LyricFind song ID can be used with the LyricFind API to get lyrics for the song: