7digital Partnership

The Echo Nest has deeply integrated the 7digital API, making it easy for developers to access over 13 million fully-licensed songs, samples, album art and affiliate sales program directly through our API.

Available Assets

There are many rich assets available within the 7digital catalog, including:

  1. Over 13 million fully-licensed tracks for download
  2. 30 and 60 second samples
  3. Album art in multiple image sizes
  4. Audio streams for all songs in the catalog
  5. Distinct catalogs for each region supported (currently United States and UK)
  6. White-label non-interactive (DMCA-compliant) streaming service (contact us here to learn more)
Rights & Responsibilities

Most of the 7digital API is open to everyone and free up to certain usage limits. Through the API, you can access cover art, samples and sell digital downloads. DMCA-compliant radio and streaming access is available (contact us). High-volume commercial/business use of the API requires a contract with 7digital. More details are available at 7digital Developer.

Generally, if you are using the audio samples and offer an option to buy songs for download, you must offer the ability to buy via the 7digital store.


7digital supports individual track sales, with an affiliate revenue share for developers.

Getting Started

When making calls to the Echo Nest API, use one of the following buckets: 7digital-US, or 7digital-UK. Also, go to the 7digital developer site and register for an API key to access their data data directly.

As an example, Radiohead has a 7digital ID of 304. To find biographies for Radiohead using our API and the 7digital ID, you would issue a query like this:


Note that the id parameter is of the form catalog:entity:id; in this case, 7digital is the catalog; artist is the entity, and 304 is the artist ID in the 7digital catalog.

You can also retrieve artist information and receive their IDs in the 7digital name space. To do this, you use the bucket=7digital-US parameter on any call that returns artists, songs or tracks. As an example, to find artists similar to Radiohead, with 7digital foreign IDs returned, issue a call like this:


Note that the id parameter is of the form catalog:entity:id; in this case, 7digital is the catalog; artist is the entity, and 304 is the artist ID in the 7digital catalog. Example results:

	name: "Manic Street Preachers",
	foreign_ids: [
			catalog: "7digital-US",
			foreign_id: "7digital-US:artist:10651"
	id: "ARGEJ8B1187B9AE2E7"

Note that for each artist returned, there is a new foreign_ids block that includes a foreign_id of the form catalog:entity:id, in this case, 7digital-US:artist:10651

Finally, note that to get the actual track data from 7digital, including preview audio, images, and release information, you can add the bucket=id:7digital-US to a call that contains track information. Example:


Returns the following result:

songs: [
		title: "Karma Police"
		artist_name: "Radiohead"
		id: "SOHJOLH12A6310DFE5"
		tracks: [
				release_image: http://cdn.7static.com/static/img/sleeveart/00/000/010/0000001045_200.jpg
				foreign_release_id: "7digital-US:release:1045"
				preview_url: http://previews.7digital.com/clips/34/9522.clip.mp3
				catalog: "7digital-US"
				foreign_id: "7digital-US:track:9522"
				id: "TRAFHFF12E5AC28DCC"

Note that within each track you are provided with an image for album art (release_image), an id into 7digital's release database (foreign_release_id), and an mp3 sound clip (preview_url.)