Deleting taste profiles

This tutorial shows how to delete a taste profiles


You can delete a taste profile using the catalog/delete API method. Note that this method requires a 'post' as opposed to most methods that require a simple 'get'. To delete a taste profile, give the catalog ID as the ID parameter to the delete call. Note that you can only delete taste profiles that were created with the same API key.


Here's an example. Note that this example uses the program 'curl' in order to POST the arguments to the call
curl -F "api_key=FILDTEOIK2HBORODV" -F "format=json" -F "id=CAOFUDS12BB066268E" ""


      "response": {
        "status": {
          "code": 0,
          "message": "Success",
          "version": "4.2"
        "name": "test_artist_catalog",
        "id": "CAOFUDS12BB066268E"