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Add song metadata to personal database on echoprint server New Reply

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I have a collection of mp3 songs with title and artist names. How do I automatically add them to my own database on the echoprint server?


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Are you running your own Echoprint server, that is, have you set up Solr and Tokyo Tyrant according to the instructions in the echoprint-server distribution (

Once you have done so, ingesting the fingerprints into the server is a two-stage process. The overview is as follows:

  1. Use the echoprint-codegen to make fingerprints of your MP3s.
  2. Ingest the resulting fingerprints (JSON files) using the script included with echoprint-server.

The details are in the documentation referred to above, but please do let us know if any part of the process is unclear to you.


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After booting my own server, I tried to ingest the fingerprint with this command:

curl -d "fp_code=/Users/tayebwajb/alicia.JSON&length=231&codever=4.12"

It gives an error saying it cannot decode the code string. Am I doing this right? Since the code string is too long, copying and pasting it is messy especially on the small mac screen.

I also used the following the instructions on Does ingest into my local server? How do I query my local server?

Can I use other formats like .wav or is it strictly mp3s?



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