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Hi Team,

Well, I've installed the echoprint-server in ubuntu but I am facing a problem with the accuracy recogniction.

For example i've downladed the following sound: in 11025Hz, Mono, 16 bits. I've generated a echoprint codegen (40 secs) and then I uploaded it succesfully to my echoprint server.

After that, I download a new sound (another video but with the same sound): also in 11025Hz, Mono, 16 bits. Then I've generated a echoprint codegen (40 secs) and then I sent a GET request to my server, but it doesnt match :(

Then, I made a last test. I've generated an ENMFP codegen with the second sound (about 70 secs) and I sent the fp_code to Echonest API Server and they detected the artist and the track name.

So How can I improve the accuracy?, I want to implement a echoprint-server and recognize sounds.

Could you please shed some light here?.

Thanks in advance

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If you want to improve your accuracy, I think you should use actually just ENMFP codegen, the catalog is much bigger than Echoprint. i've got the same problem, using the same sound it happen often to get a match using ENMFP, but just a <code><pre> {"response": {"status": {"version": "4.2", "code": 0, "message": "Success"}, "songs": []}} </code></pre> using Echoprint.

But I'm not an expert, I hope some Guru here will answer you properly :)

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If the audio in each clip really is the "same", then it should certainly match when querying your own server. If you send me both fingerprints, or even if you just post them here, (the one you ingested into the server and the one you used for the query), then I have have a closer look and see why it might not be working.

If you want to query the song/identify API which we host, then ENMFP will work because it has a record for this song. The Echoprint song/identify API won't work for this song because this song is not in our Echoprint database yet (but it will be soon).



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I have posted an answer to your question in this thread.

Also, please see the Echoprint FAQ for information about resolving common questions of this nature.



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