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It's not clear to me how the licensing of lyrics works via the 'rosetta stone' api. Is it possible to:

  • construct a very simple website that allows people to search for lyrics by artist / song title
  • request lyrics from the echonest API
  • cache those lyrics on the server so that google can crawl the static page
  • run this site as a non-profit thats purpose is to display lyrics without a lot of other junk on the page
  • accept donations as a society to help defray hosting costs

Is this free to do in a non-commercial sense?

What requirements would there be in terms of recording and reporting page-views of different lyric sites.

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kalinh - we do not license any lyric data directly, you will need to work out the commercial terms with our lyric partners: LyricFind and MusixMatch. Read the sandbox info for details on commercial use of their lyric data.

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