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Hotttnesss and Familiarity Rate of Change New Reply

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Can you give me a ballpark idea of the update frequency of Hotttnesss and Familiarity?

Is it hourly/daily/weekly/monthly?

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For most artists, hotttnesss and familiarity will update on a daily basis. For long tail artists, the update rate will be less frequent, but those are most likely to be artists that you don't care too much about.


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a few quick checks seem to indicate that hotttnesss has not changed over the weekend for artist who won Grammy's over the weekend.

Is this some sort of error on my part, or is the frequency of updates slower than what the earlier reply would suggest?

Basically, I'm just trying to figure out how frequently I should expect to see this data updating.

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Thanks for pointing this out. A grammy win might not translate into a huge hotness increase right away. I just verified that Sam Smith and Beck have had their hotness values updated on a regular schedule the last few days. It seems they've seen a nominal bump since Sunday.

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