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Hey developers:

This week we've extended our Rdio support rather dramatically. We now support 19 different Rdio territories. This makes it possible for you to create an Echo Nest + Rdio application that works within a music catalog that is specific to a listener's locale, eliminating the problem of presenting an artist or a track to a listener that is not available in the listener's territory.

To work within a particular territory, use the Rosetta ID of the form 'rdio-XX' where XX is the ISO country code of the region of interest. For example, to work within Rdio's Canadian catalog use the Rosetta ID space of 'rdio-CA'. To get an Rdio playlist for Canada seeded with Canada's favorite Pop Star, make a call like so:

Justin Bieber Radio limited to Rdio's Canadian catalog

Supported locales are:

  • rdio-AT - Austria
  • rdio-AU - Australia
  • rdio-BR - Brazil
  • rdio-CA - Canada
  • rdio-CH - Switzerland
  • rdio-DE - Germany
  • rdio-DK - Denmark
  • rdio-ES - Spain
  • rdio-FI - Finland
  • rdio-FR - France
  • rdio-IE - Ireland
  • rdio-IT - Italy
  • rdio-NL - Netherlands
  • rdio-NO - Norway
  • rdio-NZ - New Zealand
  • rdio-PT - Portugal
  • rdio-SE - Sweden
  • rdio-UK - United Kingdom
  • rdio-US - United States

Our previous Rdio catalog - 'rdio-us-streaming' is being deprecated in favor of the 'rdio-US' catalog. The 'rdio-us-streaming' catalog is no longer being updated. If you are using this catalog you should switch over to rdio-US or one of the other Rdio catalogs. One difference between the rdio-us-streaming and the new rdio-US catalog is that the new catalog is a full track catalog. This means that you'll find all of the Rdio-specific data at the track level instead of at the song level. To get the track info, add the 'bucket=tracks' parameter to any call that returns songs. For example, here's a song search that returns Rdio songs limited to Rdio's Italian catalog:

Search for songs by Premiata Forneria Marconi in Rdio's Italian catalog

The first song returned is: { "title": "Is My Face On Straight", "artist_name": "Premiata Forneria Marconi", "id": "SOCWYWK12A8C13A822", "tracks": [ { "foreign_release_id": "rdio-IT:release:a420168", "catalog": "rdio-IT", "foreign_id": "rdio-IT:track:t5151375", "id": "TROBTDC136EAA010FA" } ], "artist_id": "AR8D67P1187B9AF8B5", "audio_md5": "469f15310a12d7cddfd912eaf962b793" }`

The tracks block contains the Rdio id for the track and release in the Italian catalog.

Rdio has an awesome API that developers can use to build Apps around the Rdio music catalog. With the extended support for different Rdio territories that we have released this week, we hope to see lots of interesting Rdio + Echo Nest apps.

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