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I'd like to experiment a bit with the Echonest API and library since I'm quite impressed by the features it provides. Unfortunately I'm having problems to successfully import it into my xcode project.

Here's what I do:

  • open up the libechonest.xcodeproj
  • do a build
  • drag the libechonest.xcodeproj in my own project.
  • go to build phases and add the libechonest.a in "target dependencies" and "link binary with libraries"
  • -Objc and -all_load linker flags are already set since I'm also using the spotify library in my project as well.

However, when I then type "#import "ENAPI.h" in one of my viewControllers I get "ENAPI.h" file not found error. but it's there in the project. maybe I have to change header search paths? but I don't really know how to do that for this.

any help is much appreciated. thanks!

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Hi afsharr,

It's difficult to guess the state of your project from your description, but one way around this problem may be to add ENAPI.h to your project explicitly, for example by dropping it into the Supporting Files subfolder in the Project Navigator.

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