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Confused about relationship between echonest and partners... New Reply

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I'm currently playing with echonest with a view to using it to id track names from song snippets , e.g in the context of a streaming download.

Whats the relationship between echonest and its partners , e.g MusicBrainz/Spotify etc. For example is it possible to use an echonest fingerprint against their catalog?

All of the examples I've seen using partner catalogs seem to based around queries using data that is already known from the song such as artist/title etc.



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Hello mswinson,

When you make a fingerprint query using song/identify, the fingerprint will be matched directly against The Echo Nest's database, not our partners'. However, by using the "bucket" parameter in the request, you can get supplementary results in a different ID space, more detailed information about the actual tracks, etc. In this sense, some of the relationships or mappings between The Echo Nest's catalogs and our partners' are given by Project Rosetta Stone:

For example, to get results in the Spotify ID space: [ ... fingerprint goes here ... ] AKDG9u4=&version=4.12&bucket=tracks&bucket=id:spotify-WW

{"response": {"status": {"version": "4.2", "code": 0, "message": "Success"}, "songs": [{"tracks": [{"catalog": "spotify-WW", "foreign_id": "spotify-WW:track:5hNd3UB2VG6M38kqgTHE3o", "id": "TRFIUKB13386518855"}, {"catalog": "spotify-WW", "foreign_id": "spotify-WW:track:4GY9Bfm57wr5m8Kw8hiB98", "id": "TRGKEAC13386472064"}, {"catalog": "spotify-WW", "foreign_id": "spotify-WW:track:7oR6vPgaw4QlXXmJ8IfKMg", "id": "TRMQCXW13386526041"}, {"catalog": "spotify-WW", "foreign_id": "spotify-WW:track:5H1R9pIQ8UFxSxW27wrppr", "id": "TRQHWUO1338645C953"}, {"catalog": "spotify-WW", "foreign_id": "spotify-WW:track:5XaUQtpPVrY6pCSPZYjd39", "id": "TRXOMLH13386500508"}], "score": 172, "title": "Accidents Will Happen", "message": "OK (match type 6)", "artist_id": "AROCZUC1187B9AD05B", "artist_name": "Elvis Costello", "id": "SOADJAU12A8C13C656"}]}}


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