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There are 2 artists named "Lucero". One is a Memphis band and the other a Spanish artist.

When I retrieve biographies from the API, I am specifying the MusicBrainz ID for the Spanish Artist (4befe93e-7cb6-4adb-b822-8b19ceb59768), but I am getting back a biography with information about both artists?!?!

Why does the API return biographical info for the Memphis band artist when I specify the MusicBrainz Id of the Spanish artist?

Is there any way to just get the bio/pics for the artist whose MusicBrainz id I have?

MY REQUEST URL:[OMITTED FOR POST]&id=musicbrainz:artist:4befe93e-7cb6-4adb-b822-8b19ceb59768

THE BIOGRAPHY RETURNED: "There is more than one artist with this name. 1) Lucero is an American punk/country infused rock band that is based in Memphis, Tennessee. 2) Lucero, Mexican actress and singing sensation. 1) Lucero's punk rock roots flavor their now "country-ish" music..."

Thanks so much for you help!

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Hi PlumSpotter - sorry to have missed your post on the other forum. Indeed, sometimes we get our wires crossed on data when more than one band has the same name. We are working hard to address this issue, but I can't give you a date on when this will be fixed across all of our data. Stay tuned. -- Paul

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Paul, thanks for the quick response. Bands with the same name seem to be a big problem. for example seems to always combine them into one profile (see their the second FAQ on


Can you give me a general idea of the scope of this issue in the echo nest dataset?

E.g. when I query echonest for artist bios using a MusicBrainz Id but the associated band name also is used by other bands (with their own MusicBrainz Ids), roughly how often am I likely to get bios for the wrong band (or for multiple bands)? Is this rare, 50/50 or typical?

I'm just trying to figure out if this was an outlier or common behavior.


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