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Calling Codegen from C++/CLI New Reply

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I'm trying to figure out how to call codegen from C++/CLI. I've created a wrapper class and I'm trying to call it from C#, but I'm getting an AccessViolationException. I apologize for cross posting, but I'm looking for someplace that I can get some help. I've created a project on github and I keep trying to get around this issue but I'm strictly a C# developer and don't know what I'm doing here.

Here's a link to my post on stackoverflow with all the details and links to the source code:

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The codegen dll is a release build. If you link it with a debug build it will crash due to incompatible C runtime versions in the same binary - probably triggered by use of stl strings and memory allocation difference in debug and release.

try a release build and see if it works. There's more about this here:

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developmentalmadness, It appears from your stackoverflow question that you are building Echoprint codegen for Windows. Echoprint questions would be best handled on the Google group (!forum/echoprint). That's where you are most likely to find other developers who are building Echoprint codegen on Windows.

mjdavy, I suspect you are referring to the free ENMFP Codegen binaries published by The Echo Nest. This is a different piece of software but is also referred to as "codegen". This FAQ hopefully answers more questions:


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