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Calling Codegen from C++/CLI New Reply

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I'm trying to figure out how to call codegen from C++/CLI. I've created a wrapper class and I'm trying to call it from C#, but I'm getting an AccessViolationException. I apologize for cross posting, but I'm looking for someplace that I can get some help. I've created a project on github and I keep trying to get around this issue but I'm strictly a C# developer and don't know what I'm doing here.

Here's a link to my post on stackoverflow with all the details and links to the source code:

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The codegen dll is a release build. If you link it with a debug build it will crash due to incompatible C runtime versions in the same binary - probably triggered by use of stl strings and memory allocation difference in debug and release.

try a release build and see if it works. There's more about this here:

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developmentalmadness, It appears from your stackoverflow question that you are building Echoprint codegen for Windows. Echoprint questions would be best handled on the Google group (!forum/echoprint). That's where you are most likely to find other developers who are building Echoprint codegen on Windows.

mjdavy, I suspect you are referring to the free ENMFP Codegen binaries published by The Echo Nest. This is a different piece of software but is also referred to as "codegen". This FAQ hopefully answers more questions:


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Добрый день. Подскажите где можно взять скомпилированную dll у проекта echoprint-codegen. Хочу поюзать на Windows

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I'm currently developing a component using the open source codegen.dll per C#, will post some usable code as soon as the API is back online so I can do the final tests. I will be doing this without C++/CLI though.

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Olga, I don't speak Russian, but it appears you are looking for a compiled codegen for Echoprint. The Echo Nest does not provide compiled binaries for Echoprint. You should submit your question on the Echoprint Google Group. Several members of the community have built Echoprint on Windows.

floele, We are working to get the Echoprint API back online. We will post to the Announcements forum and Echoprint group when that happens, hopefully by the end of the week.


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Posted my solution at now. If you need codegen.dll as binary I can provide it as well, was quite a challenge getting all this stuff compiled for x86 and x64.

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