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I've just started to look at the command line version of echoprint-codegen and created an audio sample to run some tests. The wav file is approx 5 mins long and is a continuious 4/4 beat @128bpm sampled at 11025 mono.

I used codegen to produce a fingerprint of a 20-second window but starting at different offsets into the file:

a) echoprint-codegen file.wav 0 20 b) echoprint-codegen file.wav 1 20 c) echoprint-codegen file.wav 2 20

i.e. test a) starts at the beginning of the file while b) starts at 1 second and c) at 2 seconds into the file. All samples should be 20-seconds from the starting point.

Each code produced has a different "code count" and therefore the code lengths vary - I was expecting a fixed length code in each case (have I misunderstood?):

a) 942 b) 900 c) 888

Why given exactly the same sample window on the same track do I get different fingerprint lengths?

If there is any documentation available to explain this please let me know where to find it :)

Regards, Vince.

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