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Generating playlists from user-defined groups of songs New Reply

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Registered: Dec 17, 2011

Each user of my app will have anywhere from 10-1000 known songs, and will accumulate more throughout the life of their account. There is some overlap, but for the most part, each user has a unique library of their own music.

I see that Echo Nest's dynamic playlist methods can be instructed to choose from a catalog. Can I use Echo Nest to specify each users' library as a unique "catalog" and generate streaming radio/playlists with the contraint that playlists only be composed of songs found within that users' library?

Thanks for your time, ~Jordan

Posts: 8
Registered: Dec 17, 2011

Ah, I see now. This would be "Personal Playlisting". I was confusing taste profiles with metadata buckets like MusicBrainz.

Sorry for this silly post.

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