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Descriptive Terms of any kind for individual songs? New Reply

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Hi All,

I'm under the impression that there is currently no way to use the EchoNest API to get any kind of descriptive information about particular songs, and that this only exists for artists. The app I'm trying to make needs to be able to give individual songs descriptive terms of sorts, so I just wanted to double check that this is indeed the case here before I went ahead and started coding some methods to give songs descriptions based off the artist terms.

Thanks for reading through this!</br> Sami

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Sami - for cultural terms like styles, genres and moods, you'll need to use the artist terms. However, you can get numeric attributes for danceability, energy, tempo, loudness, key, mode etc. for any song using the song API with the audio summary bucket, like so:

hope this helps -- Paul

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ok, so that's exactly as i thought. thanks paul!

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