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Hello, I've created a catalog of all the music I have, so that I can use it to create playlists. For each item in the catalog I've appended the path as a url parameter, so that I can create an m3u playlist from the EchoNest playlist. When I create a playlist I get the tracks I want and I get the foreign IDs of the tracks, but I do not get the URLs that I've appended each track. Is there a way to get this information when calling the playlist/static method? Or is there a way to search the catalog for the urls by using the foreign IDs I do get?

Hoping for a reply, Rasmus

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Hi Rasmus,

At this time we don't have a way to return arbitrary catalog metadata in other calls like playlist, but one thing you could do is store the items with the url in the item_id field. Otherwise I think you will have to map the item ids back to urls after making the playlist. There is not currently a way to search the catalog by URL.

Hope this helps,


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Thank you very much for the fast reply! Using the item_id field to pass the url works nicely for a fast fix.

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