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Hi there, I just found out about the API/Dataset today from a tweet/link in TheNextWeb -

Of course, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it to test it out. Got most of the basic stuff working, but I'm wondering if I'm misunderstanding the 'description' parameter for a playlist - If I put in 'reggae' for a call like I get back all kinds of genres, not just reggae.

Any help is appreciated!

regards, Royce

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Hi Royce - thanks for using our stuff! You are using the playlisting call - one of our guiding rules for playlisting is that a playlist should never run out of music - so even if we can't meet every constraint given in a playlisting call, we will still try to populate the playlist as best we can. In your particular query, you have limited the location of the artist to a small location of the world. We will do our best to find artists that have been tagged with reggae that are in that area, however, since the geographic area is so small, we will likely have to populate the playlist with songs by artists that have only minimal reggae elements. You can improve your results somewhat by adding a 'require' to the reggae (description=^reggae) - Hope this helps. -- Paul

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