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action.make_mono make_stereo functionality New Reply

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Registered: Jun 09, 2009

I think perhaps the make_mono and make_stereo functions are somehow borked in echonest.action - or perhaps I'm not understanding how they are meant to work.

In [22]: af = audio.LocalAudioFile('/home/kurtjx/Music/The Meters/Rejuvenation/01 - People Say.ogg')

In [23]: maf = action.make_mono(af)

In [24]: maf.numChannels Out[24]: 2

In [25]: af.numChannels Out[25]: 2

Shouldn't maf.numChannels be 1 after make_mono??? I seem to get this behavior on both Ubuntu and OS X

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Registered: Sep 17, 2008

Thanks kurtjx: it was a bug! It is now fixed, but you need to reinstall remix and from source. See here.

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