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Using Absolute Paths in Python Remix API? New Reply

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We're working on an Adobe AIR application using the NativeProcess API. This allows us to execute any executable that we'd be able to access via the command line. The catch is no path variables are loaded so we need to use absolute paths. Unfortunately, I can't seem to figure out how to change the path of eng-ffmpeg (used by audio.LocalAudioFile) to an absolute path (/usr/bin/local/eng-ffpmeg). Is this possible?

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radley, i would post this to the echo-nest-remix google group, you'll get a bette response. i don't see why it would be hard to replace the call to en-ffmpeg in remix, however, just search the project for where it's called and change it there (it's en-ffmpeg, not eng-ffmpeg, just FYI)

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