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Researcher Aukland is looking for a programmer to help him with a research probject. Aukland says:

I am an academic in management and want to try and generate a data set for the Billboard top 100 over the past 50 years or so in terms of tempo, beat, key, and other compositional structures for a research project." ... "I am not interested in remixing or any other wild stuff...just generating a large database through which I can use in a statistical model. At this point, I have made it as far as the Forum, as I cannot figure out how to access the 'software' (if there is any, I don't know!!) to generate the data from the music. If you can assist me, it would be greatly appreciated.

If you are interested in hearing more about this project let me know and I'll make the introductions. Post here or send me mail at


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I am interested

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