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I'm new here but I can't find a sample code for the API. Like the sample code for uploading an audio file, what are the necessary data to be passed, will i use fsockopen or curl in PHP? etc ... What language to use ... Blah blah ...

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TUSO: Welcome to the Echo Nest. There are a number of client libraries for the API including:

Echo Nest Remix Remix is an open source Python library for remixing audio. Remix is a sophisticated tool to allow you to quickly, expressively, and intuitively chop up existing audio content and create new content based on the old. It allows you to reach inside the music, and let the music's own musical qualities be your — or your computer's — guide in finding something new in the old. By using Remix's knowledge of a given song's structure, you can render the familiar strange, or the strange slightly more familiar-sounding. You can create countless parameterized variations of a given song — or one of near-limitless length — that respect or desecrate the original, or land on any of countless steps in between. There's an excellent remix tutorial written by Adam Lindsay, as well as examples and API documentation.

Pyechonest Pyechonest is an open source Python library for the Echo Nest APIs. Pyechonest gives the Python programmer full access to all of the Echo Nest methods including artist search, news, reviews, blogs, similar artists as well as methods for retrieving detailed analysis information about an uploaded track. There are examples and API documentation.

The Echo Nest Java API The Echo Nest Java API is an open source Java client library for the Echo Nest developer API. This library gives the Java programmer full access to the Echo Nest developer API. The API includes artist-level methods such as getting artist news, reviews, blogs, audio, video, links, familiarity, hotttnesss, similar artists, and so on. The API also includes access to the track analysis API that will allow you to get a detailed musical analysis of any music track. This analysis includes loudness, mode, key, tempo, time signature, detailed beat structure, harmonic content, and timbre information for a track. There are examples and API documentation.

The Echo Nest Cocoa Framework The Echo Nest Cocoa Framework is an open source wrapper framework written in Objective-C that eases connection the The Echo Nest API for music analysis. The Echo Nest Cocoa Framework was created by Kamel Makhloufi (aka melka).

Flash API for the Echo Nest The Flash API for the Echo Nest by developer Ryan Berdeen supports the track methods of the Echo Nest API, giving the flash programmer the ability to analyze a track and get detailed info about the track including track metadata, loudness, mode and key along with detailed information relating to the tracks rhythmic, timbrel, and harmonic content. and making it available to the world

If you are looking for a client library for a particular language please let us know.


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I have a audio file aa.mp3 i want to get all infomration from echonest any any have a code in PHP

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I have the example uploading files in javascript. It might be help You. Roman.

function test(fileName, format) { var xmlhttp = getXmlHttp();'POST', '', true); xmlhttp.setRequestHeader("Content-Type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded");

xmlhttp.onreadystatechange = function() 
    if (xmlhttp.readyState == 4) 
        if(xmlhttp.status == 200) 
            var response = eval("("+xmlhttp.responseText+")");
            do something
var params = 'api_key=ID&url=fileName&filetype=mp3&';


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