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The Echo Nest offers an incredible array of music data and services for developers to build amazing apps and experiences. Here is where you learn all about the features and capabilities of our platform, review tutorials and sample code, and see what tools and libraries are available. Feel free to browse around, or just dive right in by requesting an API key.

Hundreds of music applications tap into The Echo Nest API for access to billions of data points about music from leading media companies (MTV, the BBC, MOG and others) to award-winning mobile applications (Discovr, Music Hunter, Pocket Hipster).

Big News The Echo Nest and Spotify have joined forces. Now the combined APIs of The Echo Nest and Spotify provide broad and deep data on millions of artists and songs, making it easy for you to create an awesome listening experience for your users. You can tap into the power of the tightly linked Echo Nest and Spotify APIs to build world-class music apps that take advantage of all of the capabilities and deep data provided by both APIs.

To learn about all the various ways that you can use The Echo Nest and Spotify APIs together, visit the Echo Nest / Spotify Sandbox page. and the Spotify partner sandbox page.

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